DITA OT Plugins Development Guide

Creating DITA Open Toolkit plugins enable you to customize the look and feel of your deliverables.

Remember: This guide is compliant with the DITA-OT 3.4. If you work with a different DITA-OT version, you can still use this guide but subtle discrepancies between the DITA-OT versions may occur.
Note: easyDITA includes a variety of publishing engines. The DITA-OT publishing engine is very flexible but requires extensive configuration to customize your deliverables. Alternative publishing engines are generally focused on producing only a particular output format (for example, PDF) and they tend to require less configuration work to style your deliverables than DITA-OT. For example, the PDF Generator enables you to quickly style your deliverables by using CSS without the need to leave easyDITA.

For more information on DITA-OT and other publishing engines, In the User Guide, see see Publish.

Tip: You can develop the DITA-OT plugins on your own or use our professional services. We can also recommend partner vendors who provide the DITA-OT customization services.