What formats can I publish to?

Publishing Engines

easyDITA includes the following publishing engines:

  • PDF Generator
  • Static Site Generator
  • Jorsek Portal Publishing
  • DITA Open Toolkit

DITA Open Toolkit

easyDITA can publish documents by using the DITA Open Toolkit, an open source publishing engine. easyDITA supports any DITA-OT version.

The DITA-OT enables you to publish to various formats, including:

  • PDF
  • HTML5
  • HTML Help
  • eBook
  • JavaHelp
  • RTF

By default, the DITA-OT enables you to publish content with simple styling applied. The publishing capabilities can be expanded by adding the DITA-OT plugins that enable you to produce branded and styled output.

The publishing interface in easyDITA enables you to specify the publishing scenarios and parameters. You can run multiple publishes of a document simultaneously, for example, you can publish to PDF and HTML at the same time. You can also specify publishing parameters to perform different publishing actions. For example, you can filter content for a specific audience.

The publishing interface shows the history of all past publishing jobs. Once you publish a document, you can download the published output. You can also republish a document by using the same parameters specified in the original publish.

PDF Generator

Our PDF Generator allows you to create customized PDF transformation scenarios directly in easyDITA.

The PDF Generator includes a DITA to HTML processor and a fast PDF publishing engine that uses Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to style the PDF output. In addition to CSS, the PDF Generator enables you to use eXtensible Stylesheet Language Transformations (XSLT) for advanced styling.

Once you have created, named, and saved a PDF transformation scenario, it's enabled and you can use it to convert your DITA content into PDF. If the PDF output needs styling changes, you can open the transformation scenario, make and preview changes, and save the updated version.

Static Site Generator

Portal Publishing

easyDITA enables you to easily publish and update your content on a dynamic Jorsek Portal that may come with your subscription.