Jorsek Content Development Guide

With many writers contributing to the content library at Jorsek, it's important that we have a well-defined content development guide that all our writers can refer to for our Style Guide, Information Model, and Jorsek Strategies. Having this unique content development guide promotes consistency and reduces questions about style, structure, and process.

As the makers of a DITA CCMS, we are especially aware of the benefits that structured authoring provides. We also understand that moving to a structured authoring environment requires a huge shift in processes and strategies. Not only that, but the DITA specification includes hundreds of elements and attributes that are available to use in topics and maps. Having a content development guide is not only critical to creating consistent documentation but also to the effective use of DITA and easyDITA features.

We've made our Content Development Guide public in order to provide our customers, and DITA users in general, with examples of considerations for use in their own content development guides. The guidelines in this guide were made with our content needs in mind. We hope our Guide can help you create a content development guide that fits your organization's needs.