Opening a Resource from easyDITA in oXygen

While navigating files in easyDITA, you can click the Open in Oxygen to open a resource in oXygen.

  1. In oXygen, expand your connection to establish the connection between easyDITA and oXygen.

    Your project and its folders display.

  2. In easyDITA, click the oXygen icon .

    Note: If the oXygen icon  doesn't display, then you need to enable the button. For more information, see Enable the Button.

    The Launch Application dialog displays.

  3. Select the application you want to use, for example, oXygen XML Editor 17.1.
  4. Check Remember my choice for webdavs links so you don't have to do this step every time you open a resource.
  5. Click OK to open the resource in oXygen.
You opened your resource from easyDITA in oXygen.