easyDITA 18.1 Release Details

easyDITA 18.1 brings some new and exciting enhancements to our source editor and linking and reuse interfaces.

Official Release Date

April 26th, 2019

New source editor

The updated and enhanced source editor includes:
  • Opening and closing tag highlights

  • Highlighting on the string of text where your cursor is

  • The ability to collapse lines of DITA markup, which is especially helpful in long topics

The new in-source searching capabilities include:
  • Case-match search
  • Whole word match search

  • Regular expression search

  • Find and replace for both partial and full strings

New Linking and Reuse Interfaces

The updated and streamlined linking and reuse interfaces are built to provides users with a more intuitive and efficient way in search content and create references.

When you use keyboard shortcuts to insert a conkeyref or keyref, the reuse interface will open with the keys drop-down opened and a list of keys showing.

Note: For the keys to populate, there must be a context map set in easyDITA. Once there is, you can start typing a key and the list will update based on your text entry.

You can also use this interface to create new keys by clicking Add New Key. Clicking this opens a form so you can fill in details for key creation.

From the reuse interface, if you want to insert a conref, click the drop-down for reuse type and select Conref Content. When you do this, the list of keys goes away, and you can search for and select the bit of content you want to reference.

Similarly, you can use the keyboard shortcut or the link icon in the toolbar to open the linking interface.

By default, the drop-down for link-type is set to create an cross-reference to "A File in easyDITA." If you want to insert another type of link, click the drop-down to select from the other options, which are:
  • A key reference to a file

  • A link to an element in the current file you're working on

  • A link to a website or PDF