Integrated Search and Navigation

The Content Manager uses an integrated search and navigation system to browse, filter, and search files.

Search bar

The Search bar enables you to search for words from anywhere in easyDITA. The Search bar uses a 'type ahead' system that displays results as you type. It displays the top six matches based on the file name or title.

Entering a search term opens the Filters Tab in the Content Manager.

By default, all files in the repository are searched through. You can narrow the search scope from all folders to a specific folder or collections.

Search Using the Browse and Filter tab

The Content Manager contains a Browse Tab and Filters Tab, which enable you to browse and filter files that are displayed in the file listing.

Use the Browse Tab to navigate to specific folders.

Switch to the Filters Tab to narrow the files displayed during a search. Files are filtered based on the folder you are in and the preconfigured filter criteria selected.

For example, using the Browse Tab, you can navigate to the Documentation folder. Then you can use the Filters Tab to only display maps in the Documentation folder.

Note: Available options vary based on your configuration.